Living alone as a millennial

Moving out

My life is about to change. After all the waiting, the time has come. I’m finally moving out of my parent’s house. Now I live alone. I don’t have a closet for my clothes, no coffee table or furniture for the TV, but hey, it’s okay. I thought I was prepared. I took 2 weeks off and thought I would be ready to move in by then. How naïve of me. 4 weeks later, I am just now moving in. I don’t blame myself. Nobody told me all the work it would be. I had Pinterest in my right hand and my savings on the left, I was going to do this. I failed miserably. I had to choose everything and everything had to match. From the navy blue wall to the dark grey couch. I didn’t realize the amount of thought that would go into this. Pinterest was driving me insane, because there were so many beautiful things to choose from. Not only that, it also had to fit in my little apartment. But like my sweetie always says: everything will fall into place like it should be.

It’s kind of strange living on your own. Well actually the alone part is not the hardest. It’s mostly the knowledge that you are on your own. Everything is your own responsibility. The bills, the cleaning, the cooking, etc. Also, when something is broken you have to fix it, or find someone to fix it. The warm cocoon that was your parents’ house is no more. I kind of think that this is when you gain the most respect for your parents. They did it all those years and continue to do it still. When I am driving home from work, I am already thinking about the mess I left that morning. The hair in the bathroom or my clothes everywhere on the bed. Maybe it’s just me! I know there are lots of people who go by it all very easily. For me it is getting used to. The realization that if I don’t go buy groceries I have nothing to eat. That thought never used to cross my mind. My mum did the groceries and when the kitchen was empty I just went to complain to her. Sounds spoiled, I know. But like I said, everything will be just fine.

I just told you the downside but there is a big plus. I am living alone. I do whatever the hell I want. I watch what I want, I wear what I want and I eat and drink what I want. There is no one to judge me, no one to give comments. Finally I am my own boss and that feeling is the best ever. Now I can start taking care of me. Even though it is scary, it also brings me peace. I am the bird leaving the nest and making a nest of my own. Who knows hopefully I will not be living there alone anymore.

If you are about to go live on your own for the first time, here are some things that can maybe help you settle faster than I did :

  • Calculate the delivery period in your schedule (mostly for bed and couch) it can take up to 8 weeks
  • Have a concept in your head about how you want every room to be, makes it easier to choose furniture
  • Take your time to look second-hand, you can find lots of quality for almost nothing
  • Surround yourself with kind and patient people
  • Get help! Trust me, you cannot do it all on your own!
  • Expensive doesn’t always mean better quality! Keep that in mind, some utensils you can get very cheap

Brangel Jalby



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