My Dears,

Even if you are living under a rock, most of you have heard of the hashtag metoo. Started by Alyssa Milano ‘ if all women who were ever, or are the victim of sexual harassment put #metoo in their status, we can give people an idea of how big of an issue this is’. Worldwide people started to put #metoo as a status. I find this a very important issue. Men in power positions know how much power they have and this is a very poor way to use it.

The first time I came in contact with sexual harassment was after watching the movie the color purple. That movie touched my soul deeply. The physical, verbal and sexual abuse that Celie experienced in that movie changed my view of life forever. I realized that some men really have the power to break you if you let them. I don’t know if it comes from a notion of superiority or just a play of power. What is it that gives men (and also women) the right to treat others accordingly? Just because you are a big movie producer and you know that the aspiring actress would do everything to make her dreams come true, it doesn’t give you the right to make allusions, to assault or even rape the women. Mostly because you know that they will be too afraid to speak up.

It is not only in the entertainment business, also at school, work, in everyday life that these things occur. We should be able to talk about it. I think that’s the most important. When you are able to make things talkable, it is the first step in acknowledging when something is wrong. I talk about it, with my friends, my boyfriend, family,… so I hope that one day when it is needed, they can safely talk about it to me or someone else. It is not a shame, you are not doing something wrong. Never! It is never your fault, not because you’re a woman who looks a certain way, not because you have a certain attitude. Never!

They say that this is a part of our society and we should just accept it. No we shouldn’t! Now this topic has been medialized so we should take advantage of it. We have to make changes. Starting by educating people. Basic respect should be required always. Don’t take it as normal to be treated that way. This problem would be easily eradicated if we would all be feminists, men and women. To end on a good note, if you see the way #metoo was shared worldwide, we can see that it lives and that people want change, and as long as we keep wanting change, eventually the mind-set will change.


Brangel Jalby

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