I knew I loved you, before I met you


Do you know the song ‘I knew I loved you, before I met you’? It’s a song by Savage Garden. I have always wondered how it was possible to understand those lyrics. Honestly I didn’t know how you can come to care for someone you haven’t even met yet. It is weird, but I think I do know. There is this boy I’ve met, but not physically. Our first date is one week away, but I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m persuaded that he is the guy I’ve been waiting for. Somewhere deep inside I can feel it. I’ve always trusted my instincts you know. Deep down I always knew when I was dating a bad boy or someone I wasn’t compatible with. I just thought I would try and make it work, but with him, it all comes so naturally. He’s been away for the week. I really thought this is it. It wasn’t. He takes the time to write me, to tell me the things he is doing, feeling, … I’m giddy when I get his messages. Mind you, he is still in the middle ages! His phone doesn’t have Whatsapp or Facebook, so it’s all good old texting. It’s fun! I don’t know how to explain it, he just gets me. 

1 month later

We are together. It has been about a month now and we are still happy. I get to know him more and more every day. His qualities but also his faults. We are growing in our relationship and it is awesome. This is my first real relationship. The first boy I can’t wait to introduce to my friends. After 26 years people. So all you girls out there who are wondering, when will I find a good guy? When is it my turn to find the right partner? My answer is just to have patience. Your guy is out there you know. I know you’ve heard it all before, but it is true. With time he will come! Just make sure not to settle for less than you deserve.

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