Spring time again


Hello my friends, it has been awhile. Everything has just been so busy with work lately that I haven’t had one second to myself it would seem, but I have good news. It’s spring time. Goodbye cranky winter, hello positivity. Don’t you just love spring? It has a promise to it. An awakening of something new and fresh to come. It is often met with a lot of rain, mind you I really don’t like rain at all, but that rain kind of washes all the bad stuff away you know.

Time to push aside that dark winter wardrobe and bring out the colors. Every ray of sunshine can brighten up your whole day and you wait patiently for it. The days get also longer and you wake up with the sun. That can make so much difference. When you get off work, it is still light outside, so you are more inclined to stay out and do more fun things. More fun things leads to better moods and being in a good mood is everything.

I can certainly say that I am in a good mood recently. The pieces of the puzzle are falling right where they have to right now and I’m enjoying every moment. Love is going great, but more on that in a next post. I’ve picked up working out again and I’m feeling revitalized, mens sana and all that. Like I said earlier, spring brings out colour. That is also the case with food. I am more inclined to eat healthy with good weather than on cold nights alone in the house.

Some would say it’s also time for a cleaning up. I’m not really the cleaning type, but I think cleaning should not only be in the literally sense but it mostly should be about cleaning up your life. What are the things, people, that are nothing else but dead weight? You keep carrying it or them for no reason but it only makes life harder? That’s an important one (I know, I have my moments). Reflect on that, if you get rid of the unnecessary stuff, you make room for new stuff. New and exciting stuff. Stay tuned for the next post my sweets. I’ll reveal all about the new and exciting.




©Cover photo: Violet Tinder Studios

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