New year, new me, same bullshit

Brangel New Year

First of all let me wish you all a very happy New Year. May you get everything your heart desires and even more because we have to keep dreaming, don’t we? What are your expectations for the New Year? You can also call them resolutions but I prefer to say expectations. It has less pressure on it. I have the usual ones. Get a toned, fit body. Find the man of my dreams, and let him be crazy about me. Also, I have to find my own place this year because if I find the right man, we cannot keep having nookie at his place, can we? It’s time to have my privacy. Living with the parents is nice and all but I am getting older, it is time to go.

Now that we have exchanged pleasantries, I can get to my serious question. What do you think of dating older men? 10 years and older I mean. I met one recently. He is seriously hot, such a manly man. We have the same kind of humor and we talk all the time but still I can’t help feeling intimidated by him. He knows so much more of the world and has a more laidback approach. I really like that. He can calm me down but at the same time we’re explosive together. My main problem is that I have difficulties getting in his head. I’m used to guys around my age. With him I have all these questions, you know? I think that at his age you already know what you want out of life, so if he could just share that information with me… I know I should just ask, but it’s so hard.

You know what I should do? Stop thinking about everything. Just enjoy the experience. If it leads to something more, good for me and if it doesn’t, just up to the next one. Life is too short to keep wondering about things you can’t control. My dear Princess Leia died a couple of weeks ago and I should take her example. She lived her life to the fullest, made a lot of mistakes, but decided to always make the best of it. That’s what I will do now. After all, it’s a new year, expectations and all that…

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