Sex on the first date

Is it acceptable to have sex on the first date? Or even further, to go on a date just to have sex? I know that the world has evolved and we do whatever we want with whomever we want. But still…Don’t you have a little voice in your head saying it’s wrong? How do you quiet that voice down? Should you quiet that voice down?

Society teaches us that we should aspire to find a mate, make babies and live together happily ever after. Life itself shows us that isn’t always possible, so what should we do? I know it also depends on the kind of person you are and how it happens, so many factors really, but I’m asking morally. Should we follow the ‘my body is a temple’ point of view? What if my body is also a vessel for pleasure? Can’t we have both – my body is a temple visited occasionally by some pilgrims (lol)? My main issue is the fact that even though I feel like an empowered young woman of the 21st century, somewhere in the back of my brain the voice remains.

If I meet a guy online, I have spent a fair amount of time talking to him. The next step is the real life date. When you spend weeks talking to that person and then you finally meet and it goes very well, why not take it further? Is it in a way disrespectful if you are both into it? I don’t think so. Another example, when you go to the club, you meet a guy and you have an instant connection. You’re dancing and feeling each other’s bodies. Is it wrong to accompany him or her to his or her place? We have always been taught to respect our bodies (especially women) but is it disrespectful to listen to your body? I think you should make up your own rules. If sex is a sacred thing for you, you should wait, but if not you should be able to have sex without judgment.


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