Colleagues or friends?

Is it desirable to have your colleagues become your friends or should you keep work and private life separated? My working days have not been that long so perhaps my point of view can be a bit limited. For me, personally, it’s a grey area. When the workday is over I want to be able to go home and not think about work anymore. Clean break. My own sanctuary. By keeping work and private life separate you create a balance I think. You can be friendly with them but that’s it. That is my starting point. Of course that’s not always how life wants it to be.

When I look at myself I can clearly state that two of my colleagues have become my friends. We talk daily at work but it doesn’t stop there. After work we keep in touch through social media and in the weekends we also do things together. It has its perks but sometimes it can be too much. The most important thing is obviously a great work environment. Waking up is a bitch, but I know that the day will fly by as I am always laughing and having fun with my friends. It sounds juvenile also because it is.

I’ll admit it. I was scared of working. I have always been really naïve, so obviously I was scared of not being able to hold my own or of being bullied. Honestly, come to think of it, it’s not that hard if you are just yourself. I know that’s an easy thing to say but you have to remember you have an affection for some people and for others you don’t.

When you’re not feeling it with someone just make sure that the relationship is still civil and polite for both your peace of mind. You also have to remember that colleagues are not always forever. Especially when you’re young. Everyone wants to move on career wise. So probably you will see people come and go. When you get yourself attached like me, it can be difficult in those moments. When you are used to seeing these people every day and suddenly that stops completely, it can be hard. Perhaps I should follow my own advice and keep it separated? No. In the end I’m still an intuitive person, if it clicks it clicks, I cannot help it.

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