Yours truly!

Brangel, nice to meet you

Brangel’s Corner

  • Is a graduate in Communication Science,
  • Is single but finding nobody to mingle with
  • Loves chocolate but is determined to hate the bitch for obvious reasons
  • Sees the world as half-full until it comes biting me in the butt

A quick introduction is needed I guess? I’m a 26 year old lost soul. Why do I say lost? Wandering and wondering. That’s what makes me lost. Not to worry, though, my purpose is to find my way. This zone is to discuss everything. Everything that lives on in my daily life, always keeping in mind that discovering is what’s most important. You will have my take on food, travels, movies and music but you can also expect a more personal approach, like body image and how to achieve life goals. I don’t have any answers, I’ll just tell you what I think.

First example.


I currently don’t have a Tinder account. I had one when I spent a semester in London.

It was the best E V E R!

The swiping left and right gets addictive really fast! London was a big and fascinating city, so meeting new people was part of the deal (but more on that later). Here in Belgium I don’t have a Tinder account. I have hesitated, you know. You hear all these stories about people who have met on Tinder. I want to meet someone too, so why not Tinder? Easy! I don’t want to see my whole entourage on Tinder and, mostly, I don’t want them to see me. I’m pretty sure all my neighbours, all the guys from my high school, all of them, are on it. That’s the main reason why I can’t. They should add a feature where you can skip your area and concentrate somewhere further. Come to think of it, it totally makes sense! Who wants to date the guys that live near you? Especially when you live in a small town. In big cities it’s exiting, but where I live? I’ll pass, thank you. When I complain about being single, my friend’s first response is always the same. Get a Tinder account! But I am not caving. Call it pride, call it insecurity, but I just cannot imagine all these guys looking at me and swiping left or right. The problem remains, though. In our time and age. Where do I meet a guy? But that’s a question for another time.

Xoxo – Brangel

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